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Junction Works

Junction Works


CCC are currently organising the refurbishment of a number of junctions and pedestrian crossings with obsolete equipment throughout Cambridgeshire as part of our routine maintenance program. One of the next set of traffic signals scheduled to be refurbished in Cambridgeshire is at the junction of High Street / Church Lane / Crown Lane Littleport CB6 1PH

The work at this site is scheduled to begin on 24TH April 2017 and should be completed in approximately six weeks.

The aim of the refurbishment is to improve reliability of the junction, reduce maintenance costs, replace obsolete street furniture and ensure that the junction meets the latest legal requirements and standards.

We will of course keep any disruption to pedestrians and traffic to a minimum by maintaining access to both private and business addresses where possible. To reduce the impact on all road users the works will be restricted during peak times.

Local Infrastructure and Street Management

Cambridgeshire County Council

Posted: Tue, 28 Mar 2017 12:09 by Su Field

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