Littleport Parish Council

Serving the people of Littleport

Locum Clerk: Mrs Libby White
The Barn, Main Street
Littleport, Cambridgeshire


You can find loads of information about the history of Littleport and surrounding areas on this page.

Riot and Be Hanged

Background to the Riots of 1816 — The environment which surrounded the Littleport workers, at the time of the riots, contained many pressures—the desperation of impoverishment…..the virtually starving of farmworkers & their families. Low wages, frustrated by high grain prices and high unemployment, the end of the Napoleonic Wars—(Battle of Waterloo June 1815), produced thousands of out of work military across Europe….

The farmworkers, took a stand against, the local ruling religious hierarchy, the Church, which was conjoined with the local Landowners — there existed a great divide!

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Littleport Almanacks

The Almanacs--more than half a century of fascinating insight into the workings of a community. We are indebted to Adam Strawson, who extracted the relevant content, from a large number of the original documents. He has subsequently assisted in the preparation of the data files to facilitate uploading the story onto the Parish Website. PC

There are 46 Almanacs split between two pages 1 & 2

These Littleport almanacks are commonly known as the 'barbers almanacks',